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What is Dandruff ?

Dandruff is a common scalp condition which usually presents as oily scalp, whitish or yellowish flakes, tiny pimples in scalp sometimes associated with itching. In simple words it’s a natural scalp process which is accelerated along with resident fungus most commonly called Malassezia, Sebum secreted from oil glands around hair follicles, pollution, dust and other factors. All this together will form oily to flaky scalp.

Why does dandruff occur ?

There is no specific single cause but usually its multifactorial

  • Bad hygiene
  • Not washing scalp frequently
  • Using wrong shampoos
  • Applying oil and leaving it for long time
  • Excessive dairy products, outside food, oily food has slight corelation
  • Working too much in outdoor areas especially construction sites, dusty environment etc.
  • Genetically flaky scalp
  • Excessive climatic changes Stress
  • Use of hair styling products
  • Certain medical conditions

Do I have dandruff ?

Many a times dandruff is known to be whitish flakes only. But here are various types of dandruff. If you present with any of these then you can go ahead and start treatment for dandruff

  • Oily scalp : This might come as surprise as oiliness of scalp is one of the first signs of dandruff. Washing the scalp every day in this helps in preventing irritation.
  • White flakes : Flaky scalp usually when scratched or rubbed, we can see whitish deposits on fingers or on shoulders on shirts. Sometimes patches are also seen which are very itchy and irritating.
  • Greasy flakes : Yellowish color greasy flakes seen, flakes can be big in size and stuck to hair or scalp. Slightly difficult to remove these with shampoos alone in traditional way.
  • Kids also experience dandruff as young as new born to kids of all age groups can present with any of the above type of scalp.
  • Seborrheic dermatitis : This is an extreme condition of dandruff where scales are very evident associated with itching and pimples also.

Where all dandruff can present ?

Dandruff can happen on scalp, around ears, on beard area, moustache , around eyes, eyebrows , on the back.

Home remedies to cure dandruff naturally !

  • Practice a healthy lifestyle
  • Smoking can trigger these situations
  • Avoid dairy, whey protein, too much oily and junk food
  • Include healthy diet on day to day basis
  • Wash scalp alternate day at least with antidandruff shampoo
  • If you are into workout wash the sweat immediately
  • Reduce or limit usage of hair wax or other styling products
  • No oiling hair
  • Use separate comb for yourself
  • Reduce stress

Can dandruff cause hairfall ?

This is a very common question or misbelief people have. Dandruff directly cannot cause hairfall. But scratching, itching and inflammation due to dandruff can slowly cause some amount of hairfall due to breakage. However This cannot lead to balding or diffuse volume loss. Dandruff can have the potential to slower the hair growth cycle there by affecting hair to an extent according to some studies

Treatment for dandruff !

Well this is most searched query on internet too. How can I remove or reduce dandruff permanently ? well in the first place this is not a disease. This is a lifestyle disorder or lifestyle issue to keep it simple. So prevent and treat to have a hassle free life.

  • Antidandruff shampoos : usually every alternate day or every day usage is recommended based on the amount of dandruff and type of dandruff. Many shampoos have ketoconazole, salicylic acid, zinc pyrithinone, coal tar etc. and your dermatologist is the best person to choose which shampoo will suit you.
  • Good hygiene is important : immediately after work out or a hectic outdoor day, or after sports, swimming, someone who uses helmet for long time, maintain your scalp with shampoos and be quick to remove the build up on scalp.
  • Medication : in case of resistant dandruff, some oral medication is considered as a short course. Also treating underlying condition if at all present is very essential to see faster relief.
  • Balanced diet : rich in anti oxidants, vitamins, minerals is essential to fight the daily damage.

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