Morpheus 8

At Clinica Derm Dr. Deepthi Atmakuri believes in new and innovative technology, especially for collagen remodeling and that’s when we launched Morpheus 8 in Hyderabad at Clinica Derm.

What is Morpheus 8 ?

Morpheus 8 is an innovative microneedling radio frequency device which has multiple benefits, it’s a cult favourite among all Hollywood stars. Morpheus 8 is a microneedling device which can be used for acne scars, skin tightening, face contouring, body contouring, eyelid wrinkles , collagen production, skin rejuvenation, texture changes. All this will enhance your skin quality, leave you with radiant and youthful skin.

How many sessions are needed ?

Microneedling radiofrequency is a procedure which can stimulate collagen, and thereby gives benefits to skin in all aspects. Number of sessions is based on individual skin quality, skin concern and their skin goals. A minimum of 4-6 sessions are needed to achieve the results. But after single session itself skin quality starts improving.

Who can do Morpheus 8 ?

This is a miraculous treatment which can be done by anyone above 21 years of age. It has various benefits, based on skin we suggest sessions and time gap between sessions. Even a single session of Morpheus 8 can trigger bundles of collagen. For younger age groups its usually for acne scars, pits on face, open pores is what we give for. As age increases other concerns like collagen loss, sag, anti ageing, skin lift are all the indications for clients to get this done. Other concerns are body contouring like arms fat, double chin, tummy fat, cellulite , buttock fat and tightening over these areas are also dealt with Morpheus 8.

Most commonly left out area is under eye, but Morpheus 8 has a special probe for under eye which can make it looks youthful without any injections. Under eye wrinkles, crows feet around the eye, eyebrow sag can be lifted with subsequent sessions of Morpheus 8.

How fast can I see results ?

Single session of Morpheus 8 itself can show outstanding results but for desired changes based on concerns number of sessions vary. As minimal as two sessions of Morpheus skin starts changing and results will be noticeable.

Is it done alone or anything as combination ?

Morpheus 8 can be done alone or in combination with other procedures like platelet rich plasma, mesotherapy, skin boosters, medifacials
When it comes to alone or in combination there are certain things Dr. Deepthi would like to consider, skin condition, age of client, any events coming up, time duration, presence of ageing signs, etc.

Do's and Don'ts for Morpheus 8 treatment

  • Stop night creams or actives 3 days before your session
  • Stop night creams and actives one week after session
  • Vitamin c and niacinamide based creams must be avoided 3 days before and one week after session
  • Make up can be done 48 hours after session
  • In case of body treatment redness might stay for 10 days so moisturizng is very important
  • Always use gentle cleanser
  • Always apply broad spectrum sunscreen if even staying at home
  • No massages and facials to be done within 48 hours
  • Antibiotic cream is mandatory to reduce any chance of infection
  • Use luke warm water for body wash, not hot water
  • Wear loose cotton clothes
  • In case of discomfort ice roller can be used
  • Usage of certain oral medication will be done only after approval of your dermatologist

Is Morpheus 8 the only treatment for cellulite ?

Morpheus 8 is the only fractionated microneedling device which can penetrate skin at 7mm and cellulite, a condition which requires deeper treatment, Morpheus 8 can help in delivering results. Unlike other regions, cellulite treated on thighs, buttocks will have slight discomfort.

Morpheus 8 near you – best Morpheus 8 treatment in Hyderabad – Clinica Derm

This fantastic technology is the solution for all age groups. Microneedling has been one of the most versatile treatments available. Fractional microneedling is next gen treatment which will attain your skin goals. Typically the needles present in Morpheus are gold plated and the tip delivers energy deep into the skin and triggers your collagen, melts pockets of fat, treats stretch marks, gives contour.

Half an hour to one hour of topical numbing cream followed by procedure is the quickest way to go for smooth skin

Why should you choose Clinica Derm for your treatments ? are you still looking for answers ? Look no further. Clinica derm is the only place you can do lesser sessions of Morpheus and still get best results. Detailed explanation, advanced and FDA approved lasers, protocol-based treatments at Clinica Derm make it the best clinic for your Morpheus 8 sessions.

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