PRP Treatment FOR HAIR Fall

Do not wait any longer for hair loss to take a toll on your life, get hair restoration PRP Treatment at Clinica Derm that is safe, non-surgical and will give you long-lasting results.

Best and Advanced PRP Treatment for Hair Fall in Hyderabad

This new age technique to regrow your lost hair is available at clinica derm. Did you know this is a very natural way to regrow your hair. Platelet rich plasma is taken from your own blood, centrifuged to get good quality growth factors and they are injected back into your scalp to give you slow and consistent delivery of growth factors which are essential for hair fall control, hair regrowth, also improves your quality and density of hair.

Why Choose Clinica Derm for PRP Sessions

  • Expertise to diagnose if there is a need for PRP or not. Establish the hair diagnosis with the help of an advanced scan.
  • Advanced PRP is available here at Clinica Derm, which uses gold standard centrifuge machine and its protocol, to get high yield of growth factors double centrifuge is done.
  • Sterility for every procedure is maintained and especially this being an important procedure where we handle blood to get growth factors, ultimately good sterile condition is maintained to achieve results.
  • Counselling is done by our dermatologist DR DEEPTHI ATMAKURI who explains you all RPOS and cons of the procedure and to set practical goals for the hair loss control.

PRP is very well known in all fields of medicine due to its regenerative capacity. Here we focus mainly on all types of hair loss, hair fall, hair thinning, balding in men and women.


PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy is a three-step medical technique that involves drawing, processing, and injection of blood into the scalp to treat hair loss.

According to certain medical professionals, PRP injections help to maintain and promote natural hair growth by strengthening the hair shaft and improving blood flow to the hair follicles. This method is occasionally used in conjunction with further hair loss treatments or drugs.

There hasn’t been enough study done to determine whether PRP works as a treatment for hair loss. Still, PRP therapy has been around since the 1980s, when it was first used to treat injuries to tendons, ligaments, and muscles.

FAQs on PRP for Hair Fall

How much cost is one session of PRP Treatment?

Usually for an advanced PRP session it costs around Rs. 9500 per session.

How many sessions do I need for PRP Treatment?

This is based on hair thinning stage in both men and women, but on an average it is 6-8 sessions for any individual.

How painful is a PRP Treatment?

Trust us with our skilled dermatologist who makes the procedure minimally painful to painless in most of the cases.

How much time it takes?

Single session usually takes 45 minutes to one hour.

How long will it take to see results?

At least four months of consistent usage of medicines with procedures will show you results.

Should I minoxidil?

Depending on the type of hair loss our doctor will advice if its suitable for you to start on minoxidil or not.

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