Growth factor concentrate (gfc) – best hairfall solution in Hyderabad

Hairloss, hair thinning, hairfall all this has become very common these days. This has an impact on confidence in lot of men and women. Lot of advanced treatments for hair loss are available. Growth factor concentrate is one of them. GFC is usually injecting scalp with growth factors.

What is GFC ?

Growth Factor Concentrate is a procedure which includes 15-20 ml of ones own blood, advanced centrifugation is done to extract growth factors along with that, a cocktail of other growth factors will be added to this. The final concoction is injected into scalp on hair thinning areas which will be examined by the dermatologist before hand itself.

There are multiple stages of hair loss and many treatments available. Depending on the degree of hair loss, GFC will be suitable or not, medication alone can treat it or not, should we do a combination of treatments or single therapy, also what is the profile of the patient, any other medical conditions, all these should be considered before going ahead with hair loss therapy.

Can GFC stop hair fall ?

The growth factors derived from owns blood when injected into the scalp, slow release of all nutrients happen and over a period of time hair fall will be controlled to a great extent. One point to be remembered is zero hair fall is not the goal here, hair fall control and faster hair regrowth is the goal and daily on an average 50-70 hair strands loss is considered as normal.

How many days it will take to control hair loss ?

Results depend on person to person but usually after two sessions hair loss will be controlled and after couple of sessions hair growth can be seen.

GFC benefits

⦁ Stop your ongoing hair loss

⦁ Regain lost volume

⦁ Increase in density of hair

⦁ Strengthen the hair

⦁ Reduce hair fall

⦁ Non surgical

⦁ Quick and easy one hour procedure

⦁ No down time

⦁ Since its from ones own blood there are no side effects of GFC.


Growth factor concentrate has higher concentration of growth factors in comparison to PRP treatment.

Before and After Results


Side effects of GFC

Usually gfc treatments has no side effects except in some cases, where slight swelling, redness, pain, bruising at injection site maybe seen for 24- 48 hours.

FAQ’s on GFC

1. GFC can stop hair loss?

GFC is a magical non surgical procedure which can reduce hair loss and thereby reduces the stress associated with hair loss.

2. How many sessions needed ?

Usually when dermatologist suggests Growth Factor Concentrate the hair loss is already established. Hence minimum of 2 sessions and if hair thinning grade is higher then number of sessions will increase based of expectations and hair loss grade.

3. Is gfc done only for hair?

Growth Factor Concentrate is usually done for scalp and beard. Also an extension of gfc is done on the face to give plumpiness, reduce pigmentation, enhance quality of skin.

4. How long to see result?

GFC takes time to show quantitative results. This is a slow process and has to be dealt with patience. Typically it can start showing results in terms of stoppage of hairfall from second month and density will increase from 3 months as hair grows at the rate of 0.5-0.8 cm per month given all the factors are normal.

5. What is the down time?

Usually these are office based procedures and there is no much downtime. But for someone who is pain sensitive they can have mild discomfort for few hours.

6. Who should not take gfc?

Our expert dermatologist Dr. Deepthi Atmakuri will take you through entire process of gfc and she will guide you if you can choose GFC or not.

7. How long does the procedure take?

GFC takes usually between 45-60 minutes for entire treatment to be done.

8. What should you inform the doctor?

A detailed medical history, any travel history, any medication being taken, allergy history, all such relevant history is needed to formulate a treatment plan.

9. Diet instructions for hair loss

Often we concentrate on protein intake but hair is a complex structure and it needs minerals, vitamins, b12, and all components. For this to happen keep your diet conscious, consume enough protein, one bowl green leafy vegetables or salads, handful of nuts, adequate amount of carbohydrates and fats on daily basis.

10. Can I add hair color after gfc treatment ?

Hair colors or dyes or styling can be done after a gap of 24-48 hours of your gfc session.

11. At what age can gfc be started ?

There are no age limitations but consult your health care provider before you rush and get gfc done. On taking note of couple of factors mainly hair loss stage they will suggest you.

12. Does GFC work for men and women ?

GFC works on every one, its mainly the growth factors and nothing about the gender.

13. Is there any maintenance post gfc ?

The difficulty here is pattern baldness, although Growth Factor Concentrate regains lost volume, post sessions good hair and scalp hygiene, serums and medication usage with regular follow ups are advised.

14. Which is best clinic for gfc treatment ?

Any clinic which has qualified dermatologist, who can asses your hair loss pattern , who can give you valid prescription and counselling, and help you with realistic expectations.

We at Clinica Derm headed by Dr. Deepthi Atmakuri, strive to deliver positive results in case of hair loss. Call us on 6309801421 for further appointments.

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