How to reduce excess oily skin in summers

Summers remind us of holidays, being with family and having some free time for ourselves. This summer has been really harsh on all of us where temperatures were too high. And these temperatures were difficult to deal with when it comes to taking care of skin. With heat, humidity, sweat , day to day activities have become uncomfortable. Worry not! Our celebrity dermatologist DR DEEPTHI ATMAKURI founder of CLINICA DERM, banjara hills, Hyderabad is here to help us with some tips which can handle your skin and give your skin radiance and hydration.
Facial skin has maximum number of oil glands and due to rise in temperatures and humidity levels, these glands are triggered to produce more oiliness and therefore result in acne or pimples.

To keep your face from excessive oiliness, here are the things you can do

Invest in good cleanser

Invest in pH balanced cleanser, increase frequency of cleansing, post work out or excessive sweating episodes cleanse face immediately. Gentle scrubs can be used once a week, at the same do not over exfoliate. Try to balance your skin. Also many devices are available for cleansing, thanks to social media !! as a dermatologist we do not recommend all these as you can over do with these, and they can trigger more inflammation and pimples.


Various opinions on this, but all skin types need moisturiser and all seasons this step is essential. What one can do is change the formulation according to season, like gel based light moisturisers in summers and creams or lotions in winter or rainy. This is very important step as it protects and supports skin barrier.

Cut down on your layering technique

“Some one who is layering multiple products have to go slow on this step especially in summer. This can not only make your skin feel heavy but also end up in pimples and inflammation”.

Formulation change

Shift to lighter sunscreens, add on hydrating serums, consider active serums which absorb quickly into the skin. “ typically use a gentle cleanser or mild exfoliating cleanser which contain AHA’S, weekly once a mild scrub. Use an antioxidant serum or directly sunscreen in the morning, at night cleanse, hydrate and use an active serum which targets day to day damage” says our best dermatologist Dr Deepthi Atmakuri so that your skin gets all its needed.

Make up is must?

Many a times tinted moisturiser and sunscreen should be sufficient, in case make up is must , do consider these changes. Light weight primers, concealers and foundations, oil free and sweat free also known as water proof make up options are also available. Trial of these products is essential before you go ahead with these. Allow you skin to breathe and have some make up free days too.


In clinic chemical peels help in mild exfoliation, also control acne. Laser toning by q switch helps for multiple skin concerns. HydraFacial as maintenance can help in achieving that radiant skin without compromising skin barrier.

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