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Hair transplant has become very essential and awareness has increased. Thanks to lot of cricketers and on screen people like boney Kapoor, rohit sharma, Virender sehwag, mohammed shami, Saurav ganguly, Prabhas, Ranbir Kapoor,  Lakshmi Manchu ( women hair transplant ) and many more names who have been open about their hair transplant journey. Hyderabad has become a hub and lot of people seeking for hair transplant across the nation and also from states. Now just getting hair transplant will not suffice, understanding hair pathology, right diagnosis, good surgical skills, excellent post care, and consistent follow ups will give you long lasting results. To strike a right balance between cost, worthy results, this article explains everything you need to consider before going ahead with hair transplant.

Hair transplantation techniques

Hair transplant is a meticulous surgery and done by a skilled dermatologist. Although many clinics provide hair transplantation, it is essential to note certain things.

  • Expertise: experienced team, consisting dermatologists and anesthetist with skilled technicians
  • Techniques: FUE follicular unit extraction , DHI direct hair implantation are the most advanced techniques available, also sapphire tip, robotic hair transplant are available but less commonly done due to cost
  • Consultation: personalised consultation with Dr Deepthi Atmakuri, who is well known for her patient counselling and detailed description about hair transplantation, to give tailor made results
  • Aesthetic Assessment: when it comes to these aesthetic procedures, Dr Deepthi at CLINICA DERM, who has an eye for aesthetics, is your best solution to give you natural looking hair line, be it beard or scalp
  • Post Care: a balanced post care which insists on usage of medication and regular hair care

Cost of hair transplant

Cost depends on

  • Technique used,
  • Number of grafts
  • Areas of coverage
  • These are three Important things which decide over all cost of hair transplant. FUE and DHT techniques are budget friendly where as robotic hair transplant are slightly high. Hair transplant without shaving full head is also priced slightly higher, as it needs more skill and more time consuming for the doctor.
  • Based on number of grafts, more number of grafts is directly proportional to price. Also grafts taken from body and beard are difficult than scalp
  • Areas of coverage : usual areas are front , temples, crown and back area on scalp. Clinica derm is specialised in beard transplant. So difficult areas we use implanters like on the beard and temples but other areas traditional methods suffice

Multiple factors are involved in hair transplant, we want clients to understand that most importantly how well the post hair transplant hair looks and who is performing transplant and are you informed about all instructions

Structured pre and post care, meticulous hair transplant protocol, very patient and skilled doctors is what clinica derm by DR DEEPTHI ATMAKURI  offers. Call us right away on 6309801421 to get a quote and discuss your best hair transplant journey with us

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