Comedones Treatment in Hyderabad

Let us know all details about comedonal acne

These skin coloured to black coloured bumps on face are your first stage of pimples, which gives that rough texture on cheeks, forehead and along jaw line. Black heads simply called open comedones are keratin and other materials of skin collected and when exposed to air gets oxidised and forms that black colour and that’s not the dirt !

White heads simply called closed comedones are again keratin and other skin materials collected underneath a thin layer of skin making it not exposed to external environment and hence appears white.

Why do we see comedones ?

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  • During adolescence or puberty due to hormonal changes, PCOS in women
  • Excessive sugar and dairy intake in your diet
  • Cosmetic products which are not suiting your skin
  • Lifestyle changes like smoking, alcohol etc.
  • Environmental factors contribute in few cases like pollution, sun exposure, humidity etc.

What can you do to prevent?

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  1. Active lifestyle modifications like regular exercise, stopping alcohol and smoking
  2. Hormonal changes to be rectified by diet and lifestyle changes and also regular medication under your doctors guidance
  3. Diet predominantly dairy free, sugar free to keep your skin healthy
  4. Use products which are non comedogenic, under your doctors guidance
  5. Protect your skin with sunscreen everyday, use non comedogenic moisturizers
  6. Consider using products which contain benzoyl peroxide, retinoids, etc. to have a better texture of skin

What can you do at Clinica Derm?

At your dermatologist clinic here are some of the things you can consider:

  1. Chemical exfoliation : these usually consist of AHA, BHA, acnelan peel, acetic acid peels which help in diluting the keratin content and thereby promoting the reduction of comedones and easy extraction of comedones. The entire procedure takes around fifteen to thirty minutes for effective removal of pimples and comedones. The choice of chemical exfoliant will be under our dermatologist control.
  2. Microdermabrasion : this machine based medifacial helps in removing comedones without  troubling your skin and without causing any redness or irritation. This half an hour long procedure makes your skin smooth, removes dead skin cells and removes comedones instantly
  3. Radio frequency removal : certain closed comedones are very much impacted and cannot be removed by traditional methods, in such situations our doctors will perform this simple yet effective procedure to remove those bumps

Why should you remove comedones?

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  1. they seem like smallest problem but when you notice the skin these comedones can form scars in the long run
  2. comedones are responsible for small pits happening on your cheeks and side locks areas
  3. they can form large permanent bumps on nose and cheeks
  4. they can enlarge and form pimples to pus filled lesions which can further damage skin
  5. they can even leave spots
  6. manipulating comedoens and inappropriate removal of comedones can harm your skin then help

To know more about your comedones and your skin type  you can consult our best dermatologist

Dr Deepthi Atmakuri  , she can help you reduce comedones permanently with medication or professional help.

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