Best PRP Hair Treatment in Hyderabad By Dr. Deepthi Atmakuri

PRP for hairloss is done in both men and women and this has been established as a best solution for your hairfall control for quite sometime. Let us dive into all things about PRP like how it works and what it does to us.

PRP Treatment by Dr. Deepti Atmakuri

Platelet rich plasma is a non surgical procedure which contains all essential growth factors which can stop your hairloss, enhance hair growth, regain lost volume of hair, get thicker and healthier hair.

What is PRP Procedure?

PRP Treatment

Platelets are present in the blood and they are the power houses of growth factors. So here in platelet rich plasma for hair or any other medical condition, blood from the patient is taken and centrifuged to extract good quality platelets. Clinica derm has been pioneer in double centrifuge and advanced PRP treatment. The platelets collected at certain temperature are further processed and all the growth factors are extracted. This golden liquid which is a power house of growth factors are injected into the scalp with small needles leaving the procedure painless or minimally painful.

Benefits of PRP

  • Stop your ongoing hairloss.
  • Regain lost volume.
  • Increase in density of hair.
  • Strengthen the hair.
  • Reduce hairfall.
  • Non surgical.
  • Quick and easy one hour procedure.
  • No down time
  • Since its from ones own blood there are no sideeffects of prp

FAQ’s on PRP

PRP Treatment in Hyderabad

1. PRP can stop hair loss?

Prp is a magical non surgical procedure which can reduce hairloss and thereby reduces the stress associated with hairloss

2. How many sessions needed ?

Usually when dermatologist suggests prp the hairloss is already established. Hence minimum of 4 sessions and if hair thinning grade is higher then number of sessions will increase based of expectations and hair loss grade.

3. Is prp done only for hair?

The origin of prp was for sports injuries and now prp is used for all joint pains, injuries, osteoarthritis early grade, hair loss, skin rejuvenation, and many other medical fields.

4. How long to see result?

Prp takes time to show quantitative results. This is a slow process and has to be dealt with patience. Typically it can start showing results in terms of stoppage of hairfall from second month and density will increase from 3 months as hair grows at the rate of 0.5-0.8 cm per month given all the factors are normal.

5. What is the down time?

Usually prp is an office based procedure and there is no much downtime. But for someone who is pain sensitive they can have mild discomfort for few hours.

6. Who should not take prp?

Our expert dermatologist dr deepthi atmakuri will take you through entire process of prp and she will guide you if you can choose prp or not,

7. how long does the procedure take?

Prp takes usually between 30-45 minutes for entire treatment to be done.

8. What should you inform the doctor?

A detailed medical history, any travel history, any medication being taken, allergy history, all such relevant history is needed to formulate a treatment plan.

9. Diet instructions for hairloss ?

Often we concentrate on protein intake but hair is a complex structure and it needs minerals, vitamins, b12, and all components. For this to happen keep your diet conscious, consume enough protein, one bowl green leafy vegetables or salads, handful of nuts, adequate amount of carbohydrates and fats on daily basis.

Why choose us ?

We at Clinica Derm by Dr.Deepthi Atmakuri believe that holistic approach is always successful and gives results . Be it hair loss, hair length not growing, volume reduction, balding, patches on scalp, our best dermatologist Dr.Deepthi Atmakuri located at banjara hills is always there to enlist the treatment options, guide you treatment plan and thereby leading to permanent solution for hairloss

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