Best Home Remedies For Dandruff in 2024

DO THEY WORK ? Dandruff is a very common condition seen on scalp which simply means oiliness of scalp to dry to greasy white flakes on scalp. Sometimes dandruff can be seen on your shoulders when you wear dark coloured clothes. Often dandruff is associated with itchy scalp and pimples over scalp which can be painful too. WHAT EXACTLY IS DANDRUFF ? It is made up of oils secreted by our scalp, hair styling agents, hair care agents, dust and environmental pollution,  substances on scalp when they get rancid due to sun exposure, sweat and other elements altogether is labelled as dandruff.  Usually home remedies are popular like lemon, fenugreek and coconut oil application are more frequently seen when there is dandruff. But these do not have any scientific back up. In case the dandruff is very mild, DIYs or home remedies might work but if its serious then seek your dermatologist WHEN SHOULD YOU SEE A DOCTOR? Usual symptoms are: A simple antidandruff shampoo should keep you away from these symptoms. But if it doesn’t reduce with that, or itchiness, pimples or pus filled pimples, or severe rashes seen on scalp then seek your dermatologist opinion. HOW TO USE ANTIDANDRUFF SHAMPOO? Typically contact time is important for antidandruff shampoo, run the shampoo on your roots of scalp and keep it on atleast for five to eight minutes and wash it away to see a change in two to four weeks usage. If you are some one who works out everyday, you can use a mild antidandruff shampoo on a daily basis, others can stick to weekly thrice or twice regime to completely reduce dandruff FEW TIPS TO REDUCE DANDRUFF If you are someone seeking relief from dandruff, consult our best dermatologist DR Deepthi Atmakuri at CLINICADERM and get best results. Dr Deepthi Atmakuri, a pioneer in using the latest technology has been a huge believer removing dandruff, and treating other hair related problems like, hair fall, damaged hair, thin hari, and baldness

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