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Hair transplant is for women too! yes you heard it right! Balding in women has been well established but there are different reasons for women to experience balding than men. Well causes can be many more but what are the treatment options ? Female hair loss is broadly categorised into pattern hairloss, hormonal hair loss which is hyperandrogenic or normoandrogenic alopecia, telogen effluvium. Hairloss doesn’t happen suddenly, it’s a gradual process where you see thinning happening in certain areas of scalp or volume thinning or length restriction. Typically thinning happens When to consult a doctor ? Hairthinning in the earlier stages can be dealt effectively. The earlier you notice signs of thinning the better it is to consult dermatologist or trichologist What are my options? Medical treatment for hair loss is established Recent advances in hairloss therapies include platelet rich plasma, growth factor concentrate, mesotherapy, QR678 etc Did you know that hair transplant is also possible for women ? Is hair transplant only for males? Hair transplant for women is been happening since few years but the awareness has been increasing off late. However the proportion of men or aesthetic requirement for men is more than women since medical and procedural therapies suffice in most cases for women. Lot of newer techniques and advances made it possible to do hair transplant for women without shaving the entire scalp unlike in men where we usually shave the entire scalp. What all areas of hair transplant is possible for women ? We can plan for hair transplant on crown area, scalp, eyebrows, scar areas, burn areas on scalp What are the techniques for hair transplantation? Here are some point to check: Of the above FUE and DHI are advanced techniques and done by clinica derm, best centre for hair transplant to get natural results. What are its benefits in women ? This is an advanced indication for women who fail to respond with traditional therapies alone or in combination. Hair transplant surgery has multiple benefits whether you are male or female, and the results are gratifying as it changes your day to day lifestyle, and boost confidence immensely. Make sure you choose best dermatologist for your hair transplant and post that follow up which is again an integral part of maintenance. Hair transplant results are long lasting if adequate post care is being followed and this happen if you are in right hands and at CLINICA DERM its our responsibility to explain everything detailed about hair transplant, whether you are right candidate or not, giving the pre surgery instructions, post surgery instructions and follow up for one year to achieve results. Contact us for more details and our doctor DR.Deepthi Atmakuri will guide you through the entire process of hair transplant. Read More:-

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Hair Transplant Treatment by Dr. Deepthi Atmakuri