7 Reasons why PRP Hair Treatment is the Ultimate Hair Restoration Treatment

Find your ultimate Hair Loss Solution at Clinica Derm Hair loss, hair thinning, hair fall all this has become very common these days. This has an impact on confidence in lot of men and women. Lot of advanced treatments for hair loss are available. There are multiple stages of hair loss and many treatments available. Depending on the degree of hair loss, PRP will be suitable or not, medication alone can treat it or not, should we do a combination of treatments or single therapy, also what is the profile of the patient, any other medical conditions, all these should be considered before going ahead with hair loss therapy. Platelet rich plasma is a non surgical procedure which contains all essential growth factors which can stop your hair loss, enhance hair growth, regain lost volume of hair, get thicker and healthier hair. What is PRP Procedure? Platelets are present in the blood and they are the power houses of growth factors. So here in platelet rich plasma for hair or any other medical condition, blood from the patient is taken and centrifuged to extract good quality platelets. Clinica derm has been pioneer in double centrifuge and advanced PRP treatment. The platelets collected at certain temperature are further processed and all the growth factors are extracted. This golden liquid which is a power house of growth factors are injected into the scalp with small needles leaving the procedure painless or minimally painful. Reasons why you should choose PRP Hair treatment for your Hair Loss : Why should you choose Clinica Derm by Dr Deepthi Atmakuri for your PRP Sessions ? Dr. Deepthi is well renowned in this field of trichology and she is one of the best trichologist located in Hyderabad. With an expertise over 9 years she can diagnose your issue about hair, explain you the treatment plan and give you tips on how to make your results stay longer. Not everyone can treat hair thinning in the same way. Did you know hair thinning can be just balding or beyond. It can also be alopecia areata, pattern baldness, hormonal baldness, lichen plano pilaris, trichotillomania and many more. Minoxidil is a wonder drug when it comes to hairloss. But many are hesitant to use it and on the other hand it can work only on fifty percent of the population. What about others? Does minoxidil stop hairloss ? is it safe to use minoxidil life long? What happens if I stop minoxidil? If I stop minoxidil will it cause more hairfall ? Are you aware that there is tablet minoxidil to improve your over all density ? but who can take it? All available serums on market are not going to deliver the results. Which will give you results ? if you have all these questions, you should talk to your dermatologist about this . Visit us or call us on 6309801421 for appointment, start your hair journey with us.

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