Best Laser Hair Removal for Unwanted Hair in Hyderabad

Lasers have entered aesthetics and are established due to its safety and permanent results. Many traditional methods are available for unwanted hair removal like shaving, waxing, tweezing, epilators, hair removal creams, electrolysis. But laser hair removal is the most advanced technique which is fastest and hassle free to enjoy permanent removal of unwanted hair on body. Lets go in detail about all these. Can shaving lead to thick hair ? Shaving has been an age old method for women, especially when we are running out of time this is the one which gives us relief. On contrary to the belief that shaving unwanted hair causes thick to hair to grow, we believe shaving if done properly does not have any sideeffects. When we shave the hair as its cut from the length, it can grow faster and also while growing it feels rough on skin but shaving doesn’t lead to thick hair or fast growth in hair. Always do a wet shave than a dry shave to prevent dryness on skin and any other cuts or rashes. Waxing is better than shaving ? Well these debates are seen since quite long. Our expert dermatologist Dr Deepthi Atmakuri will help decode this. Waxing causes a pull of hair from top of the root and hence the pain while waxing . also since its removing the entire length if hair it takes longer to grow. There is a risk of burn due to waxing, infections, pigmentation also can happen due to waxing. We usually advice to stay away from waxing considering long term effects. Hair removal creams vs laser hair removal Hair removal creams are the most unsafe for the skin. Although they are quick but prefer shaving over using hair removal creams. Side effects of hair removal creams are pigmentation can happen after using hair removal creams on areas like underarms, bikini, hands and legs too . this pigmentation can take few years to be visible but once it establishes it needs certain treatment plan and almost a year to reduce that pigmentation. Other side effects include burns, blisters, chemical reactions, infections. Electrolysis vs Laser Hair Removal Electrolysis is an old technique which involves inserting a fine wire which targets on every individual hair by passing current which targets the hair roots and due to this current the hair roots gets damaged and doesn’t grow. This needs multiple sessions. Drawbacks of electrolysis are very much time taking, redness, inflammation, painful, skin discoloration, blisters, scabs formation, infection, scarring and hair will grow back again. All these can be brilliantly avoided by best laser hair removal available at Clinica Derm. Also electrolysis is more expensive than laser and time taking more than laser. The only indication we use this technique now a days is for white hair seen on chin area in elder population, as laser cannot remove white hair. How does laser hair removal works ? Laser targets pigment melanin present in hair and it works on hair bulb and root and with every session we see hair thinning and density being reduced. Advantages :- FAQs about laser hair removal Why we stand out ? If you are someone looking for unwanted hair removal, look no further, consult us at Clinica Derm as we believe we can give you best laser hair removal treatment at cheapest price and quality assured with our most advanced and fastest laser hair removal. Contact us on 6309801421 for further details. Read More :-

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