Acne Vulgaris Treatment In Hyderabad

Control your acne with diet ! Acne or pimples are very common in India and nearly 85% of the entire population at some point or the other have suffered from acne. Acne and diet have been historically strongly associated but there are lot of controversies about this relation.In the past acne was believed to be an adolescent issue but now that view has changed as we have been seeing lot of people and varied age groups getting acne. One of the most common associations for this can be the diet is what some research says. Westernisation of diet could be one of the reasons. Insulin resistance is  common among people of all age groups.  High glycemic index foods are known to shoot up the insulin gradually. High glycemic index foods leads to hyperglycemia, reactive hyperinsulinemia and this inturn releases insulin like growth factors (IGF-1), hence all of this directly or indirectly leads to acne. What should I do if I am getting acne continuously?  Dietary modification like cutting down on high glycemic index foods like milk, milk related products, ice creams, desserts, sweets, canned foods, non alcoholic beverages, carbonated drinks, bread. We Indians are fond of tea, coffee and not to forget milk is an essential part in this. Also in all the households, consumption of milk is a mandatory thing for growing kids. Maybe that’s the reason why lot of kids these days have been experiencing acne more than before as the milk these days is more adulterated than before. What options do I have apart from milk for kids? Ragi can be a good alternative for milk. Usually milk is consumed for its richness in calcium and protiens and we have a very good alternative ragi which is high in calcium than milk. Alternatives to protein are multiple vegetarian and non vegetarian options Can I eat non vegetarian food if am getting acne ? Well the glycemic index varies if you are consuming lot of fried foods, deep fried foods which are again a part of Indian household. Now when it comes to nonvegetarian food, the consumption of masala and also fried recipes are higher here than with a simple vegetarian food. If you have tried other dietary and lifestyle modifications and yet facing acne this is your last step to control acne without medicine Whey protein and acne  ? Whey protein practically has caused acne in lot of people and this has been associated with high insulin resistance . whey protein in turn causes  hairfall, darkness over neck, underarms, sensitive area pigmentation too. Some one who is not willing for acne recurrence or spots happening post acne should definitely stay away from whey protein. Apart from all these dietary advices, smoking and alcohol prevention can also reduce oxidant load on body thereby radiating the skin. Active lifestyle in the form of exercise or yoga or any form of activity will keep the hormonal irregularity at bay. We at clinica derm focus on holistic approach for acne and not just treating it. DR DEEPTHI ATMAKURI has been consistently advising all her patients about the importance of acne and how to treat it with minimal medication and how effectively we can prevent recurrence if we can manage our diet and lifestyle. Meet our best dermatologist today for all your pimples concerns and your queries are a call away.

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acne vulgaris treatment in hyderabad